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irani petrol price in pakistan || petrol price in iran per litre today

The price of petrol is a topic of great significance for individuals and businesses alike in Pakistan. It directly affects transportation costs, inflation rates, and the overall economic well-being of the country. In this article, we will delve into the dynamics of Iranian petrol price in Pakistan and how it impacts the daily lives of Pakistanis.

irani petrol price in pakistan

Fuel TypePrice USDPrice PKR
Petrol Price in Iran0.053 USD/Ltr15.11 Rs./Ltr
irani petrol price in pakistan

Iranian Petrol and Its Importance

Introduction to Iranian Petrol

Iranian petrol refers to petroleum products that are imported from Iran into Pakistan. Iran is one of the neighboring countries with which Pakistan shares a border and conducts significant trade, including the import of petroleum products.

Dependence on Iranian Petrol

Pakistan has historically depended on Iranian petrol due to various economic and geopolitical factors. It serves as a crucial source of energy for industries, transportation, and households across the country.

Economic Significance

The cost of petrol in Pakistan plays a pivotal role in determining the overall economic landscape. High petrol prices can lead to increased inflation, affecting the prices of essential goods and services.

Factors Influencing Iranian Petrol Prices in Pakistan

Global Oil Prices

The primary factor influencing Iranian petrol prices in Pakistan is the global oil market. Fluctuations in international oil prices directly impact the cost of imported petrol.

Exchange Rates

Exchange rates between the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) and the Iranian Rial (IRR) also play a crucial role. Exchange rate fluctuations can lead to price variations.

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Geopolitical Relations

Political relations between Pakistan and Iran can affect the trade and supply of Iranian petrol. Changes in diplomatic ties or international sanctions can disrupt the flow of petrol.

Iranian Petrol Price Trends in Pakistan

Historical Price Trends

Over the years, Iranian petrol prices in Pakistan have witnessed fluctuations. It’s essential to track these trends to anticipate future price changes.

Government Policies

Government policies, subsidies, and taxation on petrol can impact its final price at the pump. Understanding these policies is key to comprehending petrol prices.


In conclusion, Iranian petrol plays a significant role in Pakistan’s economy and daily life. Its price is subject to various global, economic, and geopolitical factors. Staying informed about these dynamics can help individuals and businesses make informed decisions and adapt to changing petrol prices.


Q1: How often do Iranian petrol prices change in Pakistan?

The frequency of Iranian petrol price changes in Pakistan can vary. It is influenced by global oil market fluctuations and government policies.

Q2: Are there alternatives to Iranian petrol in Pakistan?

Yes, Pakistan also imports petroleum products from other countries. However, Iranian petrol has been a historically significant source due to proximity and economic factors.

Q3: Can individuals and businesses predict petrol price changes in Pakistan?

While it is challenging to predict exact petrol price changes, staying informed about global oil market trends and government policies can help anticipate potential shifts.

Q5: What role do subsidies play in Iranian petrol pricing in Pakistan?

Government subsidies can help stabilize petrol prices in Pakistan, but they also place a financial burden on the government budget.

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