petrol price history chart in pakistan

Petrol prices in Pakistan have always been a subject of keen interest and concern for both the general public and economists. Understanding the petrol price history chart in Pakistan is crucial, as it sheds light on the nation’s economic health, government policies, and global market dynamics. In this comprehensive article, we will delve deep into the historical data, dissect the factors influencing fuel prices, and provide valuable insights for those seeking to understand this vital aspect of Pakistan’s economy.

petrol price history chart in pakistan

datepetrol price(rupees)
2022-01-01145.86 rupees
2022-02-01147.86 rupees
2022-03-01159.86 rupees
2022-04-01179.86 rupees
2022-05-01209.86 rupees
2022-06-01234.86 rupees
2022-07-01238.86 rupees
2022-08-01278.86 rupees
2022-09-01286.86 rupees
2022-10-01300.86 rupees
2022-11-01307.86 rupees
2022-12-01315.86 rupees
2023-01-01322.86 rupees
2023-02-01330.86 rupees
2023-03-01338.86 rupees
petrol price history chart in pakistan

The Journey Begins: Early Fuel Price Trends

The history of petrol prices in Pakistan can be traced back to its earliest days. Let’s take a walk through the annals of time to understand how it all began.

Pre-Independence Era

Before Pakistan’s independence in 1947, the region that now constitutes Pakistan was under British rule. Fuel prices were relatively stable during this period, with limited fluctuations.

Post-Independence Period

Following independence, Pakistan saw modest growth in its economy. The government heavily regulated fuel prices to ensure affordability for the masses.

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1970s Oil Crisis

The global oil crisis in the 1970s had a profound impact on fuel prices in Pakistan. The country experienced its first major surge in petrol prices during this period.

1990s Economic Reforms

In the 1990s, Pakistan embarked on a path of economic liberalization. This led to more market-driven fuel prices, resulting in occasional spikes.

Modern-Day Trends: Analyzing Recent Years

Fuel Price Deregulation

In recent years, Pakistan has moved towards deregulating fuel prices, allowing them to adjust based on international market trends. This shift has made petrol prices more sensitive to global fluctuations.

Impact of Global Oil Prices

The petrol price history chart in Pakistan is significantly influenced by global oil prices. When international oil prices rise, it often translates into higher fuel costs domestically.

Domestic Factors

Internal factors such as taxation, exchange rates, and local supply and demand also play a crucial role in determining petrol prices.

Factors Affecting Petrol Prices in Pakistan

Understanding the factors that influence petrol prices in Pakistan is essential for gaining insight into this complex issue.

International Oil Market

Fluctuations in global oil prices directly impact Pakistan’s petrol prices. Any disruptions in the global oil supply chain can lead to sudden price hikes.

Exchange Rates

Exchange rate fluctuations can impact the cost of importing oil, affecting petrol prices. A weaker local currency can lead to higher fuel costs.


Government taxes and levies are a significant component of petrol prices. Changes in tax rates can directly affect what consumers pay at the pump.

Supply and Demand

Local supply and demand dynamics can lead to regional variations in petrol prices. High demand areas often experience higher prices.

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FAQs about Petrol Price History in Pakistan

What is the current petrol price in Pakistan?

The current petrol price in Pakistan varies but is typically updated monthly. Check with your local fuel provider for the latest rates.

How often are petrol prices revised in Pakistan?

Petrol prices in Pakistan are reviewed and adjusted by the government on a monthly basis.

Why do petrol prices fluctuate so frequently?

Petrol prices fluctuate due to a combination of factors, including changes in international oil prices, exchange rates, and government taxation.

How can I track petrol price changes in Pakistan?

You can track petrol price changes through various sources, including news outlets, government announcements, and mobile apps.

Are there any subsidies on petrol prices in Pakistan?

The government occasionally provides subsidies on petrol prices to alleviate the burden on consumers during economic challenges.

Can I save on petrol costs in Pakistan?

To save on petrol costs, consider carpooling, using public transportation, or adopting fuel-efficient driving habits.


In conclusion, the petrol price history chart in Pakistan is a reflection of the nation’s economic journey. From its early days to the present, fuel prices have evolved significantly. Today, they are influenced by a complex interplay of global and domestic factors. Understanding these dynamics is essential for both consumers and policymakers. Keep a close eye on the petrol price trends, and remember that they are more than just numbers—they are a barometer of Pakistan’s economic health.

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